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Squid hair color cream

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  • MaterialSepia Color, Hena Extract, Licorice Extract


  • South Korea South Korea

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Bright colors, lively hair, excellent conditioning effect, mild, fresh flavor

1. Sepia Color - Cool down, Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, Prevention of dandruff

                        Excellent conditioning effect for healthy, shiny hair

2. Hena Extract - Excellent hair treatment effect

                         Hair growth, coating effect

3. Licorice Extract - Containing Glycyrrhizin igredient

                             Anti-allergy, Dermatitis Prevention


Kevin Global Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturer in the field of cosmetics in South Korea. We are specialized in hair color cream which is famous for detrimemtal and protective for damaged hair. We have been developing the functional products for hair. We also have various skin care products such as BB cream, Sun cream, Hand and Foot cream. We have 40years experience in developing and selling cosmetics in our country. Currently we are providing of cosmetic products over 600 beauty shops. In order to introduce our high skilled quality care products, we started to export to overseas.

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